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You Can't Always Get What You Want - Blog, rant, bitch, blather, gripe, and moan. By Adam the Carveyfan [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Adam Jaspering

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You Can't Always Get What You Want [Sep. 27th, 2011|08:57 pm]
Adam Jaspering
I like to consider myself a smart individual. I wear glasses. I went to college. I got mostly A's and B's in school. A C sometimes slipped in there, but that was due to apathy towards redundant homework assignments, not actual ignorance.

But there is one test of intelligence that will always put me on par with America's Got Talent viewers:
I will always download freeware on blind faith.

I can play Angry Birds right in my browser? Download that shit!
Flash-based face morph software? That could be fun.
Steampunk themes for Windows? Why the hell not?

I always check for viruses and spyware first. Don't get me wrong. I just frequently and repeatedly believe that any piece of software I find on the internet for free will work perfectly.

After all, if it's free, it has to be quality.

Earlier this evening I downloaded something that promised me quick and easy downloads of any streaming video on any website. Just watch the video, click the button, and presto, an MP4 all of my own.

It sounds so simple! And it's free! How could I lose?

After downloading the software, and installing the software, and installing the toolbar, and downloading the supporting software, and downloading the supporting software's toolbar, I was ready to watch some videos.

Just need to reboot the computer first...

Here we go, ready to download some-- hey, where's Firefox?

Alright, find Firefox, launch Firefox, add icon to my desktop and we're ready. Let's go to Youtube.

What? No I don't want to change my homepage to Bing. Get out of here.

Um, okay. I'll update Java. I thought I was using the most recent model, but you're the computer. Let's just get that updated, and download.

Rrgh. Okay, watch video in its entirety first, and then download. Okay, piece of cake. Let's see if it worked.

... No. No, this is the State Farm commercial that played before my video. This isn't what I wanted. Try again.

Try again.

*Click* *Click* *Click*

Hello, mister crazy app? I said download.

Okay, supporting software, why don't you try.

*Click* *click* *click*

Oh, right. I have NoScript running. Let's just accept that and...

*Click* *click* *click*

Application has timed out? When the hell did you even start? Elevator door close buttons are more responsive than this.

Okay, let's try IE. It's not my first choice, but maybe there's just a bug in Firefox the programmer couldn't work around.

Watching the video...

Downloading the video...


Dagh! Let's try the supporting software again. Open, insert link, run. Allow program to run. Yes, allow permission. Wow. Three security prompts. That's always a good sign.


"Java has timed out. This can happen if you rejected the security request. Restart your browser and try again (This time accept the security request.)" I am dead serious.

Lather rinse repeat, and you now know how I spent two hours of my Tuesday evening.

But it wasn't a complete loss. I found this site that let's you download hundreds of free songs with no membership fee.

[User Picture]From: daffodelias
2011-09-28 03:09 am (UTC)
AHAHAHAHA I heard about this from ~the twitters~ yesterday.
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[User Picture]From: sai12
2011-09-30 09:12 am (UTC)
lol ouch that sucks! Did you get the stupid software off your computer at least?
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[User Picture]From: carveyfan27
2011-10-01 04:48 am (UTC)
Actually no. As foolish as this sounds, I'm going to stick with it for a little bit longer.
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