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Flux Capicator... Fluxing - Blog, rant, bitch, blather, gripe, and moan. By Adam the Carveyfan [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Adam Jaspering

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Flux Capicator... Fluxing [Jul. 1st, 2011|02:36 am]
Adam Jaspering
I left the house a little later than usual today.

I was afraid I was going to be late for work. As I got into the car, I silently hoped I wouldn't be late.

As I turned the key in the ignition, I was confronted by a cacophony of clocks, chimes, ticking instrumentation, ringing all over. Bells, cuckoos, and gongs of timepieces big and small.

Actually, it was just the beginning of Time by Pink Floyd. The radio was tuned to the classic rock station, and I accidentally nudged the volume knob way up with my knee. But I didn't know this yet.

For a brief moment, I thought my careless wishing had been answered by some nearby fantastical force. That the laws of time and space had become undone, all because I wanted to see the end of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and didn't want to face the consequences. That somehow the laws of quantum physics no longer applied, and I was to be hurtled through the fifth dimension because I was afraid of hitting lunch hour traffic on Olive Blvd.

Then I realized it wasn't so much Tock the Watchdog as it was Roger Waters and the guys at K-Hits 96FM.

I like it when a day begins with a little surreality.