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Blog, rant, bitch, blather, gripe, and moan. By Adam the Carveyfan

Adam the Carveyfan's cracked view of life

Adam Jaspering
22 August 1986
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Do you really want to read this? It's not very interesting... Oh well,

My parents died when I was just a baby, ever since I can remember I've been living with my Aunt May and Uncle Ben in New York City.

No, wait, that's Spider-Man.

Umm... Me, me, who am I?

Oh right, I am me.

My real name is Adam Jaspering. My last name is a verb, but my initials are Adjective. So watch your grammar around me or I'll go grind your predicates into gerunds.

I am a college graduate with a BA in Cinema and Comparative Literature. Life is sweet. I am currently unemployed. Not so sweet.

I'm a Methodist, where our motto is: 'You're not perfect, but who cares?'

I went to Francis Howell North High School (class of '05). They had books, so they were accredited.

I attended the University of Iowa. Go ahead, make a joke about corn. Fucking moron...

I download MP3s because they're not illegal.

I'm male if you were wondering, 6 foot one, brown hair, brown eyes, and slightly over 200 lbs. But I don't look it.

So that's about it for my bio. Anything else you need to know, I'll be typing in the journal.